From Blank Pages
To The Story of You.


We believe that paper has lost its way. In the race for cheap mass-produced notebooks, we forgot that quality matters. Journals are not just for us, but for our children and our children's children. They are meant to last decades, discovered and re-discovered. They are windows to our present and past.

We believe that we have lost our way as well. There is a transient gratification in writing and publishing online. But we believe the greater value lies in the written words, the words we pen on paper in our own handwriting. Those are the words that teach us who we are and the words we leave behind for those to come.

In Defense of Paper creates quality journals using local paper and finished by hand in the United States. We hope, in some small way, to help find a better way.


Designed for the writer, our journals use an 80 lb vellum paper sourced in New Hampshire. It's heavy, it has some tooth, it's an ideal writing experience.

Designed for the reader, our journals are cloth bound. They feel like that old book that's been on the shelf for too long and needs to be revisited.


Paper has been marginalized. We sought to give a modern take on the journal that harkens to simpler times.

High quality paper, clothbound, exposed spine, and hand finished by craftsman with decades of experience.

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