We Believe in Paper

Paper as a medium is more thoughtful and deliberate than any other vehicle in this modern world.  It's finding a quiet place with a pen and a journal. It's free of distractions, but that time is not free. We must fight for space each time.

Writing is hard, but in that struggle, we learn about ourselves and others. We reflect, strengthen ideas and weaken biases. When shared, these journals are cherished. Sometimes by ourselves, in recognition of how far we have come. Sometimes by others, as they seek to learn who we are or were.

We sought to make the best journal for these quiet times. Something to make the process a little easier. A journal that will last, so you or your children will be able to appreciate for years to come.

We Believe in People

Running a small business that manufactures in the United States is near impossible. When the markets went global, paper was one of the worst-hit industries. Everything was digitized or shipped off to be made in low-cost markets. Berlin, New Hampshire once employed 8,000 people in the paper industry, now zero mills remain.

Those who survived constantly reinvented themselves. Mills went green, Binders moved into specialty jobs, Printers went local and faster.

In Defense of Paper worked with a number of small producers to make our journal. We would like to tell you a little about them as their story is the one worth telling.

New Hampshire Bindery, Inc

The New Hampshire Bindery was founded in 1934 at the peak of the Great Depression. Binding was done by hand back then, folding each sheet of paper and gluing it all together. Machines have taken over much of the work, but there are still elements done the old fashion way. The bindery debosses each front panel and sets each cover of our journal individually. 

Tom Ives is the current president of the bindery after starting in the shop in 1972. They believe in a meticulous standard of quality control that delivers consistent, high-quality binding.

Our journal's unique look comes from the bindery's ability to blend a classic approach with modern design.

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Evans Printing

If you ever find the need to get in an hours long conversation about paper and it's history give Bob at Evans Printing. We went to him in search of the perfect paper and he delivered.

Dwayne works the massive Heidelberg offset printer in the back. This is an art. Paper needs to be aligned perfected and ink mixed exactly. You can see his work in every line or dot in our journal.

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Monadnock Paper Mills

Since 1819 Monadnock Paper has been operating a mill in Bennington, NH. They also happen to be one of the last operating mills in New England.

Monadnock specializes in premium and technical paper with an eye towards the environment. All their products are manufactured carbon neutral using Green-e certified 100% renewable electricity.

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French Paper Company

For the last 140 years, French Paper Company has been making paper in Niles, Michigan. While most mills went to manufacturing different shades of white, the French Paper Company specializes in colorful paper. From the Neon pink to the deep purple, they make it.

French Paper Company's bright Pop Tone line gives our journals their bright spines.

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